What's New: July 19, 2024

FIFA 21 Kit Creator February Update - Captain Armbands & More

On February 1st we released our latest major update to the FIFA 21 Kit Creator - here's what's included.

Captain armbands

It's now possible to add a number of different captain armband designs to kits. There are two types of options available: first we have presets, which are based on real-life club and league designs, and then there are templates, which are more basic captain armband styles and can be recolored.

Hover previews

We've added quality previews when hovering over a selected / uploaded logo

Filter saved kits

You can now search your saved kits as well as the Inspirations -

Halftone gradient (dots) base design

Stripes (2 and 3 colors) base designs

Upload custom presets

Plus Ultimate members can now upload custom logo presets, which will remain even after saving and reloading the kit.


We fixed "stripes with separator" base design, which was not centered properly.

We hope that you like these latest additions. If you find any problems please let us know via email or DM.