What's New: May 24, 2024

Video Tutorial: How to Edit Number Colors & Collars in FIFA 21 with the Teamkits Editor

A few days ago we released the first major update for the FIFA 21 Kit Creator. Besides a few new features, this update also included the brand-new "Teamkits Editor".

Teamkits Editor

The Teamkits Editor offers a user-friendly way to edit the "teamkits" and "competitionkits" database tables, which are used to store kit settings such as the color of the numbers or the style of collar that are used. This of course makes it not only interesting for users of the Kit Creator but the FIFA editing community in general.

Since the process of exporting / importing the database tables is not as straightforward and there are also key differences compared to before (the "teamkits" table only exists inside the actual database with FIFA 21, and not in individual squad / save files), we have created a short video tutorial that shows the entirety of it.



  • The first two steps will only have to be done once.
  • Some leagues (including Premier League) require you to edit the "competitionkits" table as well. The process is the same, just use RDBM21 on your Squad / Career mode save (remember to back up!)
  • Please note that there can be issues with save files and game updates - should you encounter one our recommendation is to re-export the original database and once again import the teamkits table. And try to always keep backups of your important saves.