What's New: June 14, 2024

EAFC Kit Creator Now Available

We are happy to announce that the first version of the EAFC Kit Creator is now available on fifakitcreator.com.

EAFC 24 features an updated kit 3D model, including a slightly modified texture layout, which means that kits created with the existing Kit Creator would display differently in the new game. This is most noticeable with the sleeve cuffs but includes other parts of the kit as well.

When developing this update one our main focuses was on offering support for all existing 160+ templates that were already in the FIFA Kit Creator. To achieve this, we have converted all existing template graphics to reflect the updated texture layout used by EAFC. All kits created with the old kit creator are fully compatible with the new EAFC version and vice-versa.

You can switch between the new EAFC version, which is selected by default, and the old FIFA version, by using the dropdown in the top left of the page. To make it easier to distinguish between the two, we have added different themes based around the EAFC and FIFA 23 color schemes.

Please note that this is the first version that supports EAFC and there are a few things that are still left to be added. Most importantly, minikits are not generated accurately to those that are in the game by default.

For now, we wanted to get this version out as soon as possible and will provide updates to further improve compatibility with the new EAFC kit model as well as accurate minikits. In addition, we will also be adding additional 3D models (tight, women's) in the near future.

If you notice any errors, please let us know through the usual channels, including via email, on X or the Discord.