What's New: June 14, 2024

Collections Are Now Available on Showcase

It's now possible to organize kits you've designed into collections, something that's been on our potential feature list for a while (since February of last year, to be exact) and that's been requested somewhat frequently since we launched the site.

With collections, you can create a more organized overview of your designs, for example to group them by club / league or any other metric you want. Collections must have a name and can also have a description if you choose to add one. Collections can include any amount of kits but are limited in their overall number - 5 for regular users, 75 for Plus and 250 for Plus Ultimate. At the moment, only kits that are already published on Showcase can be added to a collection.

To get an idea of how collections can be used to present your kits in a more organized way, check out Drake's Showcase profile as an example.

We will likely update this feature going forward, so any feedback on how it could be improved is welcome.