What's New: June 14, 2024

Kit Creator Version 1.2.2 Released

A few days ago we released the first major update to the Kit Creator in a couple of months, which brings with it a number of useful new features - some of them you might have already seen in the new FM Kit Creator.


  • Add ability to import select layers from saved kits
  • Add Korean translation
  • Add GIF preview export
  • Improved translations, add missing phrases for translations
  • Fix bug with rendering of base designs and patterns on the back when using a mask + different than default texture scale (FIFA)
  • Increased maximum rotation for all base designs to 180 degrees
  • Added "Mirror (center)" option to all base designs
  • Added "Width ratio" setting to Checkers and expanded "Rows" to a maximum of 20
  • Added "Offset", "Count" and "Mode" options to Zig Zag
  • Added shininess and metalness options to player printing preview
  • Added custom logo "preset positions"
  • Added preset backgrounds for image export
  • Changed it so that random template is loaded at start
  • Added preview when saving changes

Import from Saved

GIF Preview Export

In addition to the existing image export, we've added the option to export a rotating GIF.

We've also added a number of preset background images for the image and GIF export.

Check out all of the above now on fifakitcreator.com.