What's New: May 24, 2024

Teamkits Editor: New Version Released

We've released a major update for the Teamkits Editor, which is already available on fifakitcreator.com.

Save directly to disk

The new version is capable of saving the edited file directly to the disk, replacing the opened file.

Note: This is not supported in all browsers (e.g. Firefox, Safari) but a fallback is provided in those cases.

FIFA 21 / 22 Mode

After discovering that the selection of fonts and number styles is quite different between FIFA 21 and 22, we decided to add a toggle to switch between the two.

In addition to that we've updated the number previews to include the 1-9 numerals as well (those are always displayed in their default colors for performance reasons as well as added previews for all FIFA 21 fonts.

For more information about the Teamkits Editor, please check out our original announcement post and access the tool here.