What's New: July 19, 2024

FIFA Kit Creator 1.1.0 Released

We just released the latest update for FIFA Kit Creator, 1.1.0. The new update includes various fixes as well as added support for the new 'Create Club' mode in FIFA 22.

FIFA Kit Creator 1.1.0 - Changelog

  • Added 'Create Club' mode to add compatibility with FIFA 22's Career Mode addition
  • Added more flexibility to 3D model system for possible further expansion including ability to have different 3D models available
  • Added eFootball 2022 3D Model (PES)
  • Improved collar dropdown selection
  • Added additional blend modes: multiply, lighten, screen
  • Fixed offset setting for 'Checkers' base design
  • Added new "body+sleeves" mask mode for graphics (used for Adidas 3 Stripes full sleeves base design)
  • Updated Teamkits Editor to add FIFA 22 team names, as well as names for 'Create Club' kit slots
  • Fix 'convert to preset' with 'custom logo' and 'custom pattern' layers