What's New: June 14, 2024

New Update Released - 3D Detail, Free Camera and Much More

Our latest update is out today, bringing with it a number of changes and improvements!

  • 3D Detail: Early access for Plus members
  • Improved layer shininess / metalness + now available for free users
  • Free camera
  • Mannequin
  • Improved Preview Export with more options
  • Improved collar masks

Check it out now on fifakitcreator.com.

3D Detail (early access)

It's now possible to add 3D detail to any layer on a kit, with a number of options that are available.

The Kit Creator will generate a normal map for the layer based on the selected options, which will also be exported in the correct format for FIFA 21 when downloading the kit .zip.

Just as with layer-level shininess / metalness, you can disable this feature altogether by going to settings and switching it off under "Layer-level 3D detail".

Improved layer shininess / metalness

Thanks to your feedback, we've improved various things about layer-level shininess / metalness.

  • It's now possible to make the socks shiny
  • You can now make a layer less shiny than the default
  • You can change the settings per kit part (to do this, simply change the option for the "Base" layer on shorts or socks)
  • Can be toggled on / off per layer rather than having to set it to "1" to see an effect

Free camera

We've added a new camera that can be zoomed, moved and rotated freely. To enter, simply click the button next to the "Save preview".

You can rotate the camera by moving the mouse while holding down the left button or you can move it by holding down the right button. You can zoom in by moving the mouse wheel.


We've added a new mannequin which can be enabled or disabled via the Display settings.

Improved Preview Export

We've improved the Save Preview menu in various ways:
  • Added 1920x1080 and 1080x1920 modes
  • Allow zoom and moving of image (mouse wheel and drag&drop)
  • New custom background mode: choose any color for the background and watermark

We hope you like these new additions and updates, and please let us know if have any issues with the Kit Creator.

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