What's New: February 23, 2024

New Metalness / Shininess Settings Now Available!

First teased on this day two weeks ago, we can proudly announce that the new 'Metalness / Shininess' feature is now available on FIFA Kit Creator. It is currently in early access for Plus members but will be available for everyone shortly if everything goes well.

Besides adding a metalness option for the kit alongside the existing shininess, the new feature allows you to set values for both shininess and metalness on a layer-by-layer basis. This can be used to easily create details such as metallic logos or subtle jacquard prints.

It's still possible to set shininess (and metalness) values for the entire kit, which will then affect all layers across the shirt and shorts. Layers that are set to 0 shininess / metalness (default value) will also refer back to the overall shininess / metalness setting for that kit.

If you want to create a kit that is mainly shiny but with a few layers that aren't you will have to change their shininess / metalness values to something above 0. This is of course not very intuitive at the moment and we might change this in the future.

We also added a new lighting setup, 'Default 3', which has a more even light distribution and should help previewing the new settings.

Last but not least we tried our best to implement an accurate conversion to the FIFA 21 texture format so that the kits ingame will look as close as possible to what you created on the site.

Finally, we have added an toggle to disable the layer-level settings completely. This should be helpful on weaker systems or generally in the case of it impacting performance negatively.