What's New: April 12, 2024

Introducing FIFA Kit Creator Showcase - Share Your Kit Designs

Ever since we launched in December, many of you have requested a better way of sharing kits with friends and in the FIFA Kit Creator community. Inspired by this and taking on an idea we've had for a while, we are happy to announce that we've just launched Showcase.

FIFA Kit Creator Showcase is a new section on the site where you can share your kit designs, follow other creators and check out the most popular kits.

How to publish kits

By default, all the kits you've created so far are not visible on Showcase. To add a design to your public profile, simply head over to the Publish page and select one of the kits.

Enter a name and description and click the Publish button to release the design. You also have the option to choose whether other users will be able to open the design in the Kit Creator themselves.

Follow other users

You can follow other users, which will make their creations show up in the Home tab, while the like number will determine the ranking of the most popular kits of the day / all time. The most popular designs will be shared on our Instagram and Twitter pages regularly.

Edit your profile

Finally, there's the option to change the picture, display name and description of your profile.

We hope that you like this new feature and are looking forward to ideas and suggestions about how we can improve this further in the future.

Check it out now at fifakitcreator.com/showcase