What's New: May 24, 2024

Introducing Competitions - FIFA Kit Creator Showcase

Ever since we had the idea to build Showcase, one of the main features we wanted to introduce were Competitions.

Today we are finally ready to reveal what we've been working on over the past few weeks.

Starting today, all users of FIFA Kit Creator can enter Showcase's first-ever competition, which is all about Euro 2020.

Rules: Your task in this competition is to design the home kit for one of the Euro 2020 teams. Apart from that we've decided to keep things as open as possible: You can choose the brand. You can choose the inspiration. Check out the competition page for the full details.

Each competition will be held in three phases. At the start there will be an 7-day entry period, to give everyone enough time to come up with a great design. We will evaluate all entries and approve all that match the criteria of the competition. The voting phase will commence afterwards and will run for exactly three days.

In the case of the Euro 2021 competition the dates are as follows:
  • Entry phase Until February 24 16:00 CET
  • Voting phase February 24-27 16:00 CET

The rules for who wins are simple. The kit which collects the most votes until the end of the voting period wins.

Reward: But that's not all. Besides displaying the results in their full glory on the competition page once results are in, the top three will also receive badges that will show up on their account pages.

And to top it off, the competition winner will get to request a kit template, graphic or pattern of their choice. We will then do our best to add it to the Kit Creator as soon as possible.


We hope that everything will go as planned but, considering that this is the first time for us to run such a competition, there could be small problems here and there.

If you notice anything strange, please let us know as soon as possible. The same goes for ideas for future competitions - feel free to suggest them to us via email or social media.

We decided to hold a simple majority vote for this debut but it's possible that we will implement a knockout system for the last 8/16 kits left - let us know what you think about that as well.

Our plan is to regularly hold competitions and also launch a PES version of Showcase in the near future.