What's New: June 14, 2024

Overview: January 2021 FIFA Kit Creator Updates - Collars, Retro Logos & More

We published a smaller update for FIFA Kit Creator a few days ago. And as we prepare to release a bigger update (including captain armbands among other things), here's what's included.

Collar previews

We've changed the collar selection so that it includes a preview of the selected collar.

Updated collar rendering

'Traditional' collars (8,9 etc.) now recolor differently - the whole collar can now be recolored compared to just the part around the neck previously.

Retro logos

No less than 873 retro logos from around the world are now available in presets (Plus members only).

'Duo' logos

We've added a number of two-colored logos, both for clubs and for sponsors. We will continue adding more of these in the future.

Logo saturation

It's now possible to reduce the saturation of club and sponsor logos as well as extra logos.

In the meantime, we've also continued working on the option for users to save / load their own logo presets. It's almost ready and should be available for Plus Ultimate members shortly.