What's New: April 12, 2024

New Update Released - Masks, 3D Model Updates, Custom Logos & Patterns + More

We have just released our biggest update to date, which includes a number of interesting and useful features, including Masks.

But let's go through everything that is new, and available check out on the site right now!


You can now "chain" different layers using masks to create brand-new styles. This feature is extremely powerful and, perhaps for this very reason, might be a bit harder to wrap your head around at first.

Masks can be added by dragging the Mask indicator that appears when hovering over compatible layers. They can be removed (and also be added) in the layer settings - which show up when clicking the layer name as usual.

Long Sleeve & Captain Armband Preview

You can now toggle long-sleeves to be showing the 3D preview, which is also the default for goalkeeper kits. The same is possible for captain armbands.

Custom Logo

You can now add as many logos to the shirt, shorts or socks as you like. As with texts, this is limited to two per kit for non-Plus users.

Custom pattern

Exclusive to Plus members (at least for now), you can now add custom patterns to shirts, shorts or socks. You can either create a tiling pattern using a logo or even upload any image to be used as a pattern.

Normal detail

We've changed the rendering so that it takes into account the normal maps used by the different templates, adding quite a bit of detail to that.


  • Improved minikit size, more in line with game defaults
  • Patterns x/y offset
  • Fixed bug with halftone gradient rendering
  • UI updates including new style for checkboxes and less inconsistencies.
  • Updated Randomize feature

We hope that you like these additions. Please let us know if you encounter an issue with any of them.

And stay tuned for content updates over the coming weeks that will bring more than 20 new templates alongside new patterns and graphics. As always, these will be available one week early for Ultimate tier Plus members.