What's New: July 19, 2024

First Major Update Released - Teamkits Editor, New Templates, Text, Custom Logo Positioning & More

The first major update for the FIFA 21 Kit Creator was just released, including not just new features but also a few improvements and fixes.

'Teamkits' / 'competitionkits' Editor

We've created a new tool that allows you to easily edit the teamkits and competitionkits tables.

These files include crucial settings such as the fonts and colors for the player names and numbers, as well as settings for the collar of the kit, for example.

FIFA Teamkits Editor

In addition, the downloaded zip from the creator now also includes a data file with settings for the colors, collar, shorts style and more included directly. This file can be imported using the new Teamkits Editor.

We will soon provide a video walk-through of the process but it goes like this:
  1. Use FIFA Editor Tool to export the "fifa_ng_db.DB" and "fifa_ng_db-meta.XML" files in the Legacy Explorer under "data>db".
  2. Load the files into DB Master
  3. Load the "teamkits" (or "competitionkits") table and export it to a txt file
  4. Load the exported file with the new editor
  5. Make changes and save the new file to your PC
  6. Import the table in DB Master
  7. Save the database in DB Master
  8. Import the new "fifa_ng_db.DB" in FIFA Editor Tool

The first two steps will only have to be done once.

Please note that there can be issues with save files and game updates - should you encounter one our recommendation is to re-export the original database and once again import the teamkits table. And try to always keep backups of your important saves.


It's now possible to add custom text layers

We've also added icons (see below) and national team logos to the presets

Custom logo positioning

It's now possible to edit the positioning of the brand and tea logos on the shirt. This feature is reserved for Plus members.


Four new templates are available from today: Adidas MLS 2020 as well as Hummel, Joma and Kappa designs.

Logo rendering

The quality of logos has been greatly improved. We've also increased the default size of team logos.


It's now possible to easily change all occurrences of one color by using the new "Apply all" button in the color picker.

When looking at shorts, the shirt is now tucked in so you can actually see what you're doing.

Checker base design can now be limited to just a few "rows".